Claudia Wittmann
site-specific butoh performance
May 08

(project which begins with the man
lying in front of me)
source coach: Paul Couillard

Opening performance: May 1, 7pm

Drop-in times:
every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4pm-7pm

New Moon and Full Moon all-night drop-in:
May 5 and May 20

Performances May 28, 29, 30, 9pm
Closing performance May 31st, 7pm

Drop-in times are free, performances are
donations only, suggested $10

cream white was on my right side and i faced it and i found absence and rage and my uterus and my throat and a bit of death.

boundary no 1a, papa, rasch du da bliebe? je reste and i listen to my right eye and to my right heel and it starts to burn on my left side and later i feel my sexual energy and the next day i am a piece of angry concrete.

now? je cherche Herculine Barbin. i see all these naked bodies around me and this dead body just in front of me. who are they?

“THIS PROJECT is about the process through which we form identity. At the moment, i am tapping into fear -peur-, loneliness, nausea, exhaustion, and i sometimes can see the fine line that exists between self-rejection and sexual energy. i know that offthemapgallery can evoke both and separately my mother and my father and i know for now that i can't hold the concept of gender identity in my mind with calm. i am working with source coach and performance artist Paul Couillard who will often be working in the gallery with me. opening my process to the public is something profoundly integral to this project. i am looking for a thread of transformation."

CLAUDIA WITTMAN: was born in Switzerland and lives in Toronto since 1998. She works as a butoh performer and has been presenting her own solos in Toronto since 2003. Her work deals with body memory and it aims at exploring vulnerability, transformation and issues related to intimacy. Claudia's process is based on her butoh training with SU-EN (Sweden) and on her regular work with Toronto-based artist Paul Couillard who has been guiding her through the curricula of Jerzy Grotowski since January 2006. Claudia has a background in biology and in the philosophy of science.

SOURCE COACH PAUL COUILLARD: has been working as an artist, curator, and organizer since 1985. His work as a source coach is based on Grotowski curricula for independent live artists as taught by Linda Putnam. Couillard was the Performance Art Curator for Fado from its inception in 1993 until 2007, and is also a founding co-curator of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. He is currently a sessional lecturer at McMaster University in Hamilton, and is the editor of Canadian Performance Art Legends, a series of books on senior Canadian performance artists. The second book in the series, Ironic to Iconic: the Peformance Works of Tanya Mars, will be released in May 2008. Couillard has presented solo and collaborative performance art pieces in more than a dozen countries, including over 100 Duorama works with his partner Ed Johnson.


For more information contact
Antonia at: 416 642 2113


712 Lansdowne Avenue
The Back Building
Toronto, Canada M6H 3Y8
416 642 2113

Gallery Hrs: Customized for present show--


From the Bloor/Lansdowne subway station, walk north
to Wallace and then another halfblock. It is on the WEST
side in the back building of a yellow storefront.

Claudia'Wittmann's New Moon all nignt drop in with Paul Couillard
photos courtesy of Luke Tymowski